Wood Floor Care is most important for a long lasting beautiful hardwood, laminate, or other engineered flooring product.

Fort Worth Wood Floor Care

Get your floor clean with DFW Steam Cleaning

For a fresh upgrade try a deep wood floor cleaning to really add the wow factor to your home. A freshly cleaned wood floor by DFW Steam Cleaning will amaze your eyes. You will remember back when the floor was first installed and how proud you felt. If you have never seen your floor clean because the floor was already installed when you purchased your home you are in for an extreme love affair with your new wood floor.

We will remove years of dirt, dust, wax, oils, grease, and grime and then polish your floor to a crisp shiny sparkle that will last for quite a while with proper wood floor care.

Wood Floor Care

Fort Worth home owners choose DFW Steam Cleaning for carpet and rug cleaning, and now more often than not are choosing us to provide wood floor cleaning. It is due to our attention to detail and working with and not against our clients that set us apart and make us the defacto company of choice when it comes to deep wood floor cleaning and wood floor care.

Regular cleaning and care of your wood floor are a must. Sweep or vacuum using the brush attachment often to remove any dirt or sand that may have been tracked in. If dust and dirt are left on the floor, they can scratch and dull the finish of any wood floor. Use interior and exterior doormats at all entrances to help minimize the amount of dirt and grit tracked in. Area rugs are recommended in front of kitchen sinks, at all pivot points and high-traffic areas. Do not use the rugs with solid rubber or vinyl backing.

Some other common steps in wood floor care are too never wet mop your floor and at no time apply wax to your hard wood floor surface. Using wax on your floor makes refinishing almost impossible and can void any warranties you may have. Furthermore, if you have pets indoors keep their nails trimmed to minimize scratches. And one of the most important tips is to watch the humidity in your home. It should stay between 35% and 55%. Most hardwood floor damages are caused by excess humidity or water intrusion causing the hardwood to cup, buckle, warp, or sink.

We can help bring your hard wood floors back to life and shining. Our technicians understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and we are proud of having a large referral based clientele. We work hard in maintaining strong relationships with general contractors, designers, and architects to make sure their vision of the finished product comes to life. Please give us a call at DFW Steam Cleaning and let us show you the proper steps to getting your floors staying and looking like new.

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