Fort Worth Hardwood Floor Cleaning - DFW Steam Cleaning provides cleaning of hardwood floors to all areas surrounding Fort Worth also.

Fort Worth Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We Clean & Polish Your Hardwood Floors

Dirt, wax, grease, and grime build up trapping dirt, dust, and sand which scratch and dull the finish on your hardwood flooring. Annunal deep cleaning to get rid of the thick film of build up so that debris will not be captured and scratch the finish on your wood flooring.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

DFW Steam Cleaning staff will carefully evaluate the condition of your hardwood floor and a method or methods to effectively clean it. After determining the best course of action our technicians will begin to prepair the surface for cleaning by sweeping and applying a pre-spray to emulsify waxes, oils, grease, and grime.

Depending on the wood floor we will either hand mop or use a powered buffer to remove and polish the wood surface to a shine. After cleaning and polishing your wood floors the thick layer of build up will be gone and your floors will be much more attractive and easier to maintain. With regular sweeping and mopping you will not need another wood floor cleaning for 12-18 months.

So protect your investment and call us at DFW Steam Cleaning for all of your hardwood deep cleaning and polishing services.

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