Fort Worth home owners in general embrase natural wood grains and textures. So it is common that homes in Fort Worth have hardwood floors. Call DFW Steam Cleaning to keep them looking great.

Beautiful Fort Worth Wood Floors

Fort Worth Wood Floor Cleaners

Call DFW Steam Cleaning to remove past years of dirt, wax, grease, and grime build up from your Hardwood Floors. Our professional wood floor cleaning staff are standing by ready to rejuvenate your wood floors to a beautiful high gloss finish.

Wood Floor Cleaning

Cleaning your wood floors can make massive improvements to the overall look of your home. Clean dirt free flooring is more beautiful and safer. When dirt, grease, and other contaminants get embedded into the waxy build up on your hardwood or laminate flooring the sand can scratch the top layer. Wood floors can be sanded and re-finished; however, laminante floors will need to be replaced it the top layer of flooring is damaged.

Your wood or laminate flooring should be sweeped and mopped with soapy water reguraly. Avoid using waxes that can create a build up that will trap dirt and dust.

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Laminate Floor Cleaning

If you would like the classic look of natural wood flooring but on a discount you may have elected to have laminate flooring installed in your home. Just as any flooring including laminate flooring proper routine cleaning needs to be done.

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Wood Floor Care

Wood floor care begins with the right mindset. The home owner must be willing to take day to day cleaning responsibilities such as sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping wood floors. In addition your wood floors should be professionally cleaned once per year.

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors like all wood floors need regular maintenance and care. The same care and attention should help prevent waxy build up that will trap dirt and sand that scratches your fine wood floors.

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"My wood floors have never look so nice since I have owned this home. The previous owner must have never cleaned them. After DFW Steam Cleaning revitilized my floors it looks like a new home all together. The decision to have my hardwood floors professionally cleaned has been the best decision I have made in a very long time."
Teddy Dyer

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